Tuesday, January 5, 2010

White Star Cancels Neo-Nazi band "Evil Incarnate"

Posted by our comrades at the Gay Liberation Network:

White Star Night Club CANCELS Performance by Neo-Nazi Band "Evil Incarnate"!

Band had boasted that "N----r lovers and faggots, Bullets in your head"

Activism - getting involved in your community - has once again won an important pro-gay victory.

Yesterday the promoter of a multi-band show scheduled for this Saturday at the White Star Night Club confirmed with the Gay Liberation Network that he has canceled the performance by neo-Nazi band “Evil Incarnate.”

Therefore our protest, previously scheduled for 6 PM this Saturday, December 19th, is CANCELED.

Our thanks to White Star management for agreeing not to provide a venue for a group that calls for the murder of African Americans and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people.

Our thanks to all of you who called the White Star Night Club and generally spread the word about the neo-Nazi “Evil Incarnate” heavy metal band.

And our thanks also to our partners in Chicago Anti-Racist Action, who eagerly agreed to join us in protest.

“I myself am Mexican,” said concert promoter Renato Brieno. “I don’t appreciate that kind of racist or anti-homosexual b.s.”

“I have removed EVIL INCARNATE from the Festival, they have officially announced that they are NOT playing this fest. Their ideology ... DOES NOT represent the views and opinions of ANYONE at White Star or any of the other bands.”

Brieno told GLN that Evil Incarnate members had tried to divert the concerns he relayed to them about their “kill gays, kill blacks” lyrics by saying that the song was 20 years old. When he learned that the song was part of a months-old compilation CD called “Smashing Rainbows” on the “Fetch the Rope Records” label, he concluded that they were lying to him.

“They say one thing and then they do another.”

But if they’re willing to call for the deaths of whole groups of people, what’s a little lying on top of that?

Thank you again to all who participated in bringing this important victory over racist and anti-gay hate!


  1. Thats not the story I heard at least not from the eyewitnesses you tried to jump three of us and you got your ass kicked

  2. arghostlent is on that comp. good death metal band. hey, how come you wimps aren't against nofx? they wrote a song called "kill all the white men"? hypocrites.