Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Download the flyer: nazi-alert-philip-anderson.pdf

Philip Anderson is the self proclaimed leader of the Illinois National Socialist Front, a racist White power organization, which is based out of Peoria, IL. Phil and those involved with the INSF schedule protests to try and spread their message of hate throughout IL. Core beliefs of the group members along with many of the messages they spread branch off from the writings of Adolf Hitler.  Their most common phrase “88” (the letter H being the 8th letter in the alphabet, “HH” or “Hail Hitler”) is almost always signed after their names, or worn on their clothing. This organization supports nothing but segregation, racial violence, and outright hatred and intolerance of anyone who is not like them. Lets make it clear to Phil and his hate organization that they are not welcome in our communities. You can even tell Phil in person.

His last known address (current?) is 804 E Marietta Ave / Peoria Heights IL 61616-6316
You can send him an email at illinoisnsf@yahoo.com or phildo88rancid@hotmail.com
You may be able to catch him at his PO box he uses: PO Box 9714  Peoria, IL 61612
You can call him on the phone and yell at him his phone number is 1-309-370-3766
Or if you see him in the hall at school let him know what you think, he is currently attending a local Peoria community college.


  1. This phone number still works for him. He was surprised I called to say hello.

  2. Hey dont you race traitors have anything better to do besides give out personal information of some one who is proud of their race? 88 you bitches

  3. oohhhhhhhh you pussies are so scary.

  4. Leave the man alone I think what he is doin is great. Sll these illegal immigrants come here and join gangs which steal your identity so they can work. Immigration has ruined this country and your all to blind to see. I have no gang affiliation and I've been harassed, fought and been shot at my mexican gangs. I was born in this country and can't walk down the street without some illegal trying take my life. Tell me how that's fair. So next time you wanna complain about someone go post about the mexican and black gangs who shoot innocent little kids. If your white stand up and be proud. The Mexicans do it everyday and they ain't suppose to be in this country.