Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chicago Anti Golden Dawn Speaking Event A Success

On March 1st, 40-50 people packed into the Mess Hall to discuss Greece's history with fascism and the environment that led to it's growing support. Pavlos Stavropoulos facilitated the conversation after giving a presentation. Golden Dawn ( a fascist party in Greece trying to open offices in the US ) was a central topic throughout the night. Anti-fascists have already successfully outed the US leadership of Golden Dawn and some Chicago anti-fascists participated in a demonstration at the Greek consulate.

Work against Golden Dawn continues despite them having no public presence here. An informal coalition is emerging as different groups with a variety of tactics are working together. As our networks grow, our ability to overcome Golden Dawn grows too. Educational events such as this one help ideologically prepare the network as well as strengthen our bonds. We hope to see more events and to continue working with anti-racists against Golden Dawn. Thanks to all those who made this event happen.

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