Wednesday, September 5, 2012

William Nelson Of The Aryan Brotherhood

William Nelson is a long time white supremacist involved with the Aryan Brotherhood (AB), a white supremacist prison gang and organized crime syndicate in the United States with about 20,000 members in and out of prison. Allegedly he was one of the youngest men ever brought in. He is a 45 year old iron worker and has done three bids in Illinois, two in Michigan and a lengthy juvenile stretch in either California or Arizona, all adding up to a total of 23 years in prison. He has been arrested for robbery, assault, and one of his arrests was for a hate crime in which he took a cop out for the bare minimum as he had several weapons charges and assaults.

Tim Bishop of the Aryan Nations wrote a letter to the parole board in Michigan seeking to stop him from receiving parole in 1998 because William threatened to beat him for running his mouth about his armed robbery activities to the media.

Counselor McNabb at Pontiac Correctional center has been quoted saying "Nelson is a violent dangerous convict, he hates every one especially black & latino inmates. He has assaulted several other prisoners based solely on their race as well as staff and he writes threatening letters to staff all the time." Apparently they would not let him go to Protective Custody because they had concerns he'd try to "organize the whites". William does not like his photo being taken (see more here and here) and does not like crowds.

Nelson has "SS" lightning bolts tattooed on the left side of his neck and on the right side of his neck he has "Sinn Fein". Under his left inner bicep he has"AB" and "666". On the back of his left arm is "WHITE" and on the right is "WRATH"

Heather Marie Pittman (center)
William was married to Heather Marie Pittman on October 13th, 2011 in Mishawaka, Indiana in a KKK wedding ceremony performed by Imperial Wizard Ray Larsen. Heather is a white supremacist herself. She claims to be a direct descendant of Confederate General Albert Pike. On August 7th, 2012 she pleaded guilty to drug possession (Dupage County case no #2011CF1543).  Heather allegedly has a history of heroin addiction and goes to a methadone clinic in Downers Grove weekly. She has been convicted in Texas for "unlawful sexual contact with a minor".

Nelson has close ties with the Gaylords street gang in Chicago and was arrested while on parole last August by DEA & ATF & DUMEG who tore up his house looking for drugs and guns. They found nothing but he spent 3 weeks in jail for "unlawful gang contact".

William Nelson
1020 East division St. apt. #F
Lombard, IL 60148
(630) 854-1606
has a 2nd residence at 635 West James st.
Villa Park, IL 60148 (630) 833-7644 
Quotes: "If its worth fighting about its worth killing about", " I dont punch m.f.'s in the mouth, I punch 'em in the throat & I dont punch m.f.'s in the eye I gouge their eye out"


  1. heather is still selling herself out give her a call

    1. So is your mother but she is only taking it in the Arse!

  2. Why doesn't the south side Chicago anti-racist hate group go find bigger prey like the hate filled group BLM and its radical leaders? Leave this man and his wife alone. The Heroine is brought in from Mexico Illegally by Illegal aliens. Go stop that. That will keep you real busy and doing something constructive for a change.

  3. I know an AB who snitched on his brothers which led to a meth bust south of Chicago

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