Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Will Marcin Golebiowski Testify Against Brian Moudry?

Apparently Brian Moudry (304 s Reed st Joliet, IL) wasn't the only white supremacist arrested for the racially motivated arson attack in Joiliet, IL. Marcin Golebiowski of strong survive records and Daniel Marlin, 32,  of East Peoria were originally arrested but later had their charges dropped. A resident of the burned home, who witnessed a man pouring gas on the house, claims that she is positive it was Golebiowski.

Golebiowski is the father of the National Socialist Movement's (NSM) Suzan Lenners child and they both live at 910 Beau SR, Unit 304 Des Plaines, IL (other address associated with Suzie: 3847 N Pontiac AveChicago, IL 60634-1930) . He was booking white power concerts for years at 7153 Berwyn Ave in Chicago (Owners of the venue have recently claimed to longer support these shows due to antifa harassment). Now, the question remains, will Golebiowski be asked to testify against Moudry, and if so, will he?

Marcin Golebiowski
 3847 N Pontiac AveChicago, IL 60634-1930
Age: 32
Associated with strong survive terror crew
Married to Suzy Lenner
Runs strong survive
Taken from Des Plaines Patch:
Hours after someone set fire to a house in Joliet where nine people were sleeping in June 2007, police arrested two men and charged them with arson.
 The cases against these men were dropped, for Daniel Marlin, 32, of East Peoria, almost immediately, and for Marcin Golebiowski, 34, of Des Plaines, months later. Now the man at whose house they were drinking when the fire started has been arrested in their stead.

That man — white power leader Brian Moudry — appeared in federal court Thursday on charges of arson, using fire to interfere with housing rights on the basis of race and using fire to commit another felony. FBI agents arrested Moudry May 29.

The nine people sleeping in the burning house were black. Moudry, a vocal, active racist, lived seven doors down from them on South Reed Street.

Moudry was mentioned in police reports chronicling the fire investigation, but it was two other men who were charged with torching the house.

Golebiowski and Marlin both traveled to Moudry's house for a "party," according to police reports. The three went to Jewel, bought beer and drank together in Moudry's garage.

Moudry's unidentified girlfriend was also drinking in the garage, police said.

The cops showed up around midnight and told the partiers to turn down their music. Marlin reportedly told officers that he, Golebiowski and Moudry "went into the garage where they were sitting around talking about politics and such, and the next thing he remembers is waking up with the police there in the garage area."

Prior to waking up to find the cops in the garage, Marlin said he, Golebiowski and Moudry "drank throughout the night to the point he was completely intoxicated," according to a police report.

The cops were in the garage because a 16-year-old from the torched house told them she smelled smoke about 4 a.m. and saw a small fire outside. She ran out and caught sight of a man splashing gasoline on the corner of the house, police said. The man was white and had a "tattoo near his head."

Moudry is heavily tattooed. He has the words "Blue Eyed Devil" inked into the back of his shaved head and sports drawings of horns and the Nazi SS logo, among other things.

The girl said she and the man looked right at each other before he fled toward Moudry's residence and she ran back inside to tell her mother what was going on, police said.

The man was wearing an orange shirt, police said, just like Golebiowski. And the girl told police she was sure Golebiowski was the man pouring gas on her house.

Marlin was released by police the same day he was arrested and never even made it to the county jail. Golebiowski wasn't as fortunate. He was jailed on charges of residential and aggravated arson. He eventually bonded out, but the case against him lingered for nearly nine months before prosecutors dropped the case.

Moudry had been subpoenaed as a witness in Golebiowski's case. Now that Moudry's the one facing arson charges, will Golebiowski and Marlin be called to testify against the man whose garage they were drinking in when the family down the block's house was set on fire?

"I don't know anything about it yet," Golebiowski said, claiming he has yet to be informed by prosecutors whether he will play a part in the Moudry case.

Golebiowski said he was never a member of Moudry's white power organization and that he no longer associates with the jailed racist.

"As far as I know, Brian doesn't hang out with anyone," Golebiowski said.

Marlin could not be reached to discuss the case.

Randall Samborn, the spokesman for the U.S. Attorney's Office, declined to comment on whether either man was to be used as a witness against Moudry.

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