Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eric Scott Norling Captured By Authorities In Mexico

Eric Scott Norling(not to be confused with Eric "Scott" Kriske) was an Illinois neo-Nazi who first came to our attention in 2009 when he was believed to have attended the Volksfront "race over all" gathering, which took place in a VFW hall on Cicero ave. in Alsip. He has since joined up with the Nazi Lowriders after doing time in Bakersfield, CA. The details are unclear as of now but it seems Norling, for whatever reason, attempted to take refuge in Michoacan, Mexico where he was captured by authorities. More details coming soon.

Translated from
An investigation conducted by elements of the International Coordination Liaison of the State Preventive Police (PEP), culminated with the arrest of a dangerous offender belonging to a neo-Nazi gang, in which he committed various hate crimes, arms trafficking, vehicle theft and armed assault. 
Alfredo Arenas Moreno, International Liaison Coordinator, reported that he was captured in the port of Ensenada. Eric Scott Norling, 48-year-old belongs to the "nazi low riders", a criminal group that has dozens of members who have committed hate crimes in several States in the US.
"Data provided by our American counterparts was key to establishing the whereabouts of this offender, we took the necessary measures to subdue and arrest Scott Norling, whom we recognized by his tattoos," said Arenas Moreno. 
The operation in which stopped Eric Scott Norling was conducted in the vicinity of the fraccionamiento Valle Dorado, where a security device was mounted to encircle the offender who was intercepted at lake Patzcuaro. 
The "Nazi lowriders" have their origins from the middle of the seventies, beginning in Southern California, then later extended to several States in america. 
Because of the dangerousness of the detainee, preventive State actors handed him over immediately to US authorities, so he can be judged for the crimes committed in that country.

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