Monday, March 21, 2011

NSM to Protest Milwaukee Pridefest and "Communist" Roller Derby Team

The National Socialist Movement Wisconsin unit is planning several upcoming hate-mongering actions: a March 26th private meeting near Fond Du Lac, a May 14th protest of the Rushin’ Rollettes (a "communist" roller derby  team in Milwaukee), and a June 11 demonstration against Milwaukee Pridefest. This is not the first time the WI NSM have attempted to protest Pridefest; last time they were forced to hide behind police protection out of fear of being confronted by Milwaukee Bash Back and ARA members. We're calling out for folks to stand up against racial prejudice and homophobia by driving these racist scumbugs out of town.
Although ARA has previously released some names and pictures of WI NSM members, we want to focus on the two main players, Harriet and Paul Paletti. They live in New Berlin with their infant twins Paul and Aryan and both  have a long and sordid racist history, having organized numerous NSM events.  They plan on attending the upcoming 2011 NSM National Conference in New Jersey. Although Harriet tries to portray the NSM as a group of "community activists" doing "volunteer work at animal shelters, food pantries, and senior centers" on her NewSaxon profile, it is clear through their actions they are capable of violence against people of color and LGBTQ folk. Paul Paletti was arrested in 2008 for beating up a Mexican man outside a bar in Waukesha with a group of Nazis while shouting racial slurs. The charges were eventually reduced to simple assault and he received two years probation. Although he was ordered not to affiliate with white supremacist groups,  that hasn't stopped him from continuing to organize as the WI NSM. The fact that they are organizing public demonstrations shows they are becoming increasingly emboldened and need to be reminded that speading hate has consequences.
Harriet "Garfield" Kester-Paletti and Paul J. Paletti Phone: 414-554-2483, 414-324-1479 , 262-894-8700 Address: 20225 w coffee road, new berlin 53146, Wisconsin Email: nsm88wi @, oiboy1488 @

Harriet has also recently started her own business, "Garfield Accounting Services," but it is hard to believe anyone would want to trust their business records or personal details to a company  run by active neo-Nazis.

Many Chicago-area Nazis have participated in several WI NSM events. Our own Susan "Pincushion" Lenner, Chicago NSM member who works at "Secrets" headshop in Boystown (pictured here holding an assault rifle while Harriet Paletti gives the seig heil), has made the trip to Wisconsin to attend the NSM protest of Milwaukee Pridefest and a gathering at the memorial to Adolf Hitler constructed by former SS Waffen officer Herr Junker. Other Chicago nazis who attended Wisconsin events include NSM member Michael Schloer, who last we heard was still on the streets (having been kicked out of his home for abusing his girlfriend), Chicago NSM Matt who was defeated at the failed 2010 Chicago White Pride Worldwide march, and NSM snitch Tim O'Donnell, who also attended the last NSM Pridefest protest. 
Neo-nazis try to hang on the fringes of the right-wing Tea Party movement, taking advantage of rising right-wing tides to recruit, provide a context to engage in violent hate crimes, and more explicitly, promote their fascist organizing. This wink-wink relationship between Nazis, the mainstream right wing, police and politicians composes a comprehensive attack on immigrants and the working class, from discriminatory legislation down to street level hate crimes. With dozens of states following their lead, Wisconsin has become a main battlefield for this fight, with an Arizona-style anti-immigrant bill in the works, public outrage due to the Republicans passing the widely opposed anti-union bill, and a budget plan that kills in-state tuition and food stamp benefits undocumented people. Tea Party groups such as Americans For Prosperity have organized in true astroturf fashion several "Stand with Scott Walker" rallies across Wisconsin; millions of dollars have been poured into these front-groups by multi-billion dollar corporations such as Koch Industries headed by notorious right-wingers Charles and David Koch and his father Fred Koch (who co-founded the John Birch Society). The Koch family's history of supporting fascism dates back to their involvement with the Nazis during WWII where they ran concentration camps, the oil industry, and specialized in making products out of the skin of murdered prisoners. Koch is still active today promoting mainstream Tea Party front groups and supporting politicians like Scott Walker(who himself has defended notorious KKK leader David Duke by saying his issues were legitimate and not extreme enough), further demonstrating the connection between fascism, corporatism, and right-wing politics.

However the rising tides of oppression manifest themselves, whether through the state and politicians like Scott Walker or by the Fascists protesting Milwaukee pridefest, they must be exposed, confronted and destroyed.


  1. I thought part of Paul's probation was that he wasn't allowed to participate in the NSM. I feel sorry for those kids :(

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