Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31: Outing Illinois-area White Supremacists

We believe that one part of a strategy in fighting fascism is exposing and targeting key leaders of right-wing extremists on an individual basis - where they live, work, and frequent. In the past we have exposed and confronted a number of neo-nazis. For the July 31st Day of Action Against Racism and Fascism, we once again took the offensive against several white power organizers in the Chicago area by releasing their information and pictures.

We have released an updated "Know Your Illinois Nazis" poster with some new info and faces we have uncovered. Here are a few other white supremacist profiles from our intelligence files, many of which have recently organized and attended recent racist gatherings such as the Hitler birthday celebration, Nordic Fest held in Mokena, IL, and "Illinois United" barbeque events.

We'll start with a 10 year veteran of the National Socialist Movement(NSM), a former military man who is active in organizing racist hate gatherings both locally and nationally:

Michael J. Schloer
(alias Mike Schmidt, Mike Schloer, harleyrebel88) Download his Flyer
Current address: 1332 Sugar Ct. / Naperville, IL 60563 (Lives with Jennifer M. Brower)
Former MN Addr:  420 S Lake Street Apt 8 / Forest Lake,  MN   55025 651-335-8814
Home phone:      630 946 6861
  • 10 year leader for the National Socialist Movement(NSM)
  • Was in the Navy from 89 to 93, recently worked overseas for KBR / Halliburton, communicates with other nazis in the military
  • Organized and attended dozens of major white supremacist rallies, concerts and other gatherings including the recent April 17th Los Angeles NSM 2010 national conference and rally and the 9/26/09 Belleville courthouse Nazi rally protesting "black on white hate crimes"
Now moving along to another NSM member and former Klansman who was one of the four boneheads defeated at the 2010 "White Pride World Wide" march in Chicago:
Tim Durkan
(alias: "Sgt." Sean Finnerty, hoodedstormtroop)
Phone: 312 504 7201  (formerly 630 709 6446)
Birthday: December 09, 1979
Address: (verified March 2008) 6301 N Sheridan Rd / Chicago, IL 60660

  • Was arrested at the failed 2010 "White Pride World Wide" march in Chicago
  • Attended numerous Christian Identity(CI) meetings, Wisconsin NSM anti-gay protests, former member of Church of the National Knights KKK
  • Went to Willowbrook H.S. in Villa Park, Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago
Now looking at an old-school nazi who was convicted of multiple hate crimes who is trying to get active again with other Illinois-area white supremacists:
Patrick L. Langballe (30s, male) 1936 Schiller Ave / Wilmette, IL 60091-2322
(Former address: 1494 Asbury Ave., Winnetka, IL)
(847) 920-9791
And finally, the leader of the racist motorcycle gang "White Boy Society" which has chapters in several states:
Bill DeBoer
Alias: William, localwhiteboy, maddog316
16584 N. IL. HWY 37 Lot 90
Mt. Vernon, IL. 62864
Phone: 618-315-8508
Other attendees of the Mokena Fest and the Hitler birthday celebration include Patrick Logan and girlfriend Lisa(both organized the Mokena Fest), Ragnar and his ex-girlfriend Juliet from Grand Rapids (who recently broke up cause Juliet hooked up with several other white supremacists), John Alexander (Aryan Terror Brigade, C-18, also humiliated at the failed 2010 Chicago White Pride march), David Loki, Michael Marcink and his children, Philip Anderson(Peoria Heights, INSF), Steven Turpel (Arlington Heights, INSF and known pedophile)Tim Nelson, and the band "Major Disappointment" (Pontiac MI). Also since James Logsdon was at the Mokena gathering distributing new prints of nazi trash propaganda, folks should be aware that he has since moved back to Bloomington at this address: 101 Tanner St, Bloomington, IL 61701 .

Don't let the number of these various factions mislead you: it's usually the same handful of boneheads in each of them. And despite their claims of dedication to the preservation of their race, there is more than one snitch in their ranks. But whenever they try to organize - in public or in secrecy - we will be there to expose and confront them.


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