Friday, April 23, 2010

Profile of “Illinois United” and 2010 Hitler Birthday Celebration

Last weekend a handful of fascists gathered to celebrate Hitler's birthday in an attempt to form a regional counsel of white nationalist groups called "Illinois United". While their numbers are small and previous attempts to organize publically have fallen flat, some familiar names have resurfaced. Let's take an in-depth look at some of the major players of this new organization.

Speaking at this year's Hitler gathering is James Logsdon who was just released from prison for the second time. He has been with imprisoned Matt Hale's World Church of the Creator for many years and is currently the main contact for the "Creativity Movement" as it is currently named. Since he is trying to jump back into the game, here's his full info:
james logsdonJames Logsdon
Phone: 309-830-9485
Current address:
1233 holiday rd Bloomington, Illinois 61704

Full Name: James A. Logsdon, Jr.
Date of Birth: 01-24-1980 Weight: 190 lbs. Height: 5 ft. 09 in.
Tattos: "Thug Life" (chest), "FTW" (left arm), Skull and scorpion (right arm), tribal art(abdomen), and a dolphin on his right leg.
His landlord in Zion: Bogda (847) 662-7172

Now looking at another speaker at last weekend's birthday celebration Patrick Leyland from the northwest side of Chicago. He has been attending "Illinois United" meetings and suffered defeat at the four-man "White Pride World Wide" march last month. From our intelligence files:
Benek, Murtin Garey, Steve, Patrick Leyland, Ron, AnthonyPatrick Leyland
Home address(Verified 4/20/2010):
3520 N. Rutherford
Chicago IL, 60634

Phone: 773-875-4556
Email: hamburgsv88@YAHOO.COM

Pictures 1, 2, 3 and 4
We've already humiliated Philip Anderson of the Illinois National Socialist Front a number of times but since Bill White's main man is still propping himself up as a prominent organizer of "Illinois United" here's his info once more:

phil anderson at belleville nazi protestPhilip Anderson
Address: 804 E. Marietta Ave / Peoria Heights, IL 61616-6316
Phone: 1-309-370-3766  309-740-1433
Email: or

Then we have the old and washed up racist Arthur Jones who once proclaimed "Homosexuals have to realize they have a place in society, and that place is back in the closet", describing his group "America First Committee" a "patriotic, anti-Communist, white racial idealist organization". After decades of racism and homophobia, this proud Vietnam veteran is still on the nazi speaking circuit so here's his info:

arthur jones, washed up neo-naziArthur J Jones
Born January 4th, 1948 from Beloit, Wisconsin
Phone: 773 586 1433

Bringing us to another relic of racist history is Eli James, "pastor" of the Christian Identity(CI) movement. We hoped he would have called it quits after antifa shut down their attempted conference in New York but he popped back up on our radar having attended "Illinois United" meetings:
Eli James
Cell phone: 312-852-4441
  • Main organizer for the "Church of Anglo-Saxon Israel"
  • Attends "Illinois United" meetings and spoke at the 2009 and 2010 Hitler Birthday celebrations
  • Affiliated with other neo-nazis from Aryan Nations and National Alliance who were responsible for shooting up a Holocaust museum and various murders, assaults and robberies
Also we can't forget Soren Renner, a self-described White Nationalist who runs the racist blog calling to "RISE AGAINST THE ENEMIES OF GOD". He spoke at the 2009 Hitler Birthday celebration (which was held at P.J. Klem’s Restaurant at 8000 Ogden Ave in Lyons, IL 60534 (708) 447-4343). Soren lives and hangs out in Rogers Park in Chicago and was recently spotted at the April 15th 2010 Tax Day Tea Party.

Other attendees for this year's Hitler celebration include "Tim" from the Imperial Klans of America (, "Matt" and other members from the Chicago National Socialist Movement(,, the Illinois "Aryan Terror Brigade" (, and "Josh" from Blood & Honour (

Although we are not responsible if anyone acts on any of this information, we want to remind people how effective militant confrontations are in disrupting white power groups and driving the racists out of town. A warning to those who would follow the footsteps of imprisoned Nazi leaders Matt Hale and Bill White, you are not anonymous and you will not be able to organize in our communities.

If you have any other information on these or other active fascists in your area, please contact us at


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