Sunday, April 5, 2015

Introducing White Nationalist Mark Wachtler and the Opposition News Network

Mark Wachtler, also known as Mark Watson, is a 45 year old white nationalist living in Chicago. Mark is the founder and editor of the "Opposition New Network", which serves as the headquarters for his three publications; Opposition News, Illinois Herald, and

Initially, the Whiteout Press site does not appear to be a white nationalist website. Whiteout Press tries to maintain an image of neutrality in order to appeal to a larger audience but after reading close it becomes quite clear where their politics lie. In 2014, Whiteout Press reposted the call out for the "white man march", writing their own preface which stated;
"Readers may disagree with the notion that white people are being discriminated against here in America and around the world. But they can’t rightfully disagree with the fact that the United States really does have race-based laws and programs that specifically discriminate against white people."

They did the same for an article called "white pride in the classroom", which was written by the white nationalist group known as the American Freedom Party (AFP). On Dec 28 of 2013, whiteout press posted their own article titled "Knockout Game Hate Crime Charge Resembles US Apartheid" which reads;
"Whiteout Press readers of all races will plug their ears and run away in disgust at the notion that white people are victims of racism. After all, all white people are rich, racist and evil, right? Heck, blacks and Hispanics are biologically incapable of being racist – it’s physically impossible. And believe it or not, all of the above is actually the law of the land." 

As if these examples weren't exemplary enough, whiteout press posted the article "is the media controlled by Jews?" in which they say;
"That used to be considered a crazy question only asked by bigots, anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. However, one celebrity after another has fallen victim for simply admitting that the long-held notion is actually true." 

They then reposted information from "National Vanguard Books", a magazine directly linked to the well known neo-nazi group the National Alliance. 

Whiteout Press isn't the only one of these three publications with white supremacist leanings. Opposition News posted an article in favor of the AFP stating;
"One is a passionately pro-white organization (AFP) while the other is as hate-filled as the hate groups they write about (SPLC) and profit from. And like the issue of religion, most Americans believe race doesn’t belong in politics and elections. But since every other race-based special interest group has carved out its own racially exclusive land claim along the US political landscape, it’s blatantly hypocritical to condemn a political party for being the first in modern times to publicly stand up for the rights of whites."

White supremacy is nothing new for Mark, in his autobiography titled Romantic Violence in R World", he admitted to once being part of a white supremacist street gang in Chicago in the 1980's. If anyone has any more information on Mark Wachtler, or anyone else involved with these news outlets, contact us at

Mark Watson/Mark Wachtler
5658 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL 60634
Born in 1970
Whiteout Press offices:
5600 W Montrose Ave, 
Chicago, IL 60634


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  4. Thanks for posting this article, Southside. I googled Mark Wachtler's name after an article he wrote was posted in a Green Party FB discussion group argument about Jill Stein's recount effort. I was somewhat relieved to be able to tell my GP colleagues that he is a vicious racist, and that you have to consider the sources of any article about politics that you publish. Keep up the good work!