Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meet Odinist, Juggalo, And Former NSM Member Billy Woods

Billy Woods is a National Socialist and Odinist from Decatur, IL. He first came across our radar after discovering that he was part of the NSM's Illinois unit months back. Since then, it is believed that he has left the NSM, and is not in good standing. Regardless, he still remains a nazi. The hilarious thing about Billy is that not only is he a nazi, but he is a Juggalo as well. An attribute coincidentally shared by at least one current NSM member that we know of. Billy makes his money from doing  tattoos out of his girlfriends house using "silenced sorrows" as the name of his "business".  His best friend is a neo-nazi meth head who dates the sister of Billy's' girlfriend.  His name is Jeremy Maxey (pictured here and here) and he claims to have been part of Supreme Aryan Resistance (SAR) or Southern Aryan resistance, an alleged skinhead crew out of Florida.

Bill Woods
1580 n Monroe st
Decatur, IL
217 520 7820
Age: 20
Girlfriends cell: 217 619 5419
new saxon: billyL_woods1488 or Billy L. Woods
Facebook: Billy L WickedTattooer Woods, Silenced sorrows tattoos


"I'm a Nazi, National Socialist, and a Juggalo. Being a Nazi and Juggalo, there is nothing wrong with that, Being a Juggalo is just being a fan of ICP and kicking it with the Juggalo Family and being respected by them. Being a Nazi is my beliefs, life, and who I am. And Im a Tattoo Artist. I have a beautiful girlfriend who I truely do love named Alisha Marie."

"Long Live the National Socialist Movement, Long live Germany. Hitler is Germany as Germany is Hitler. We the Aryan people now in America and across the world need to realize that its not the 60's anymore and all organization's must work together and join the NSM."

"I dislike any Illegal Immigrants, Arabs and Islamics and anyone who comes to this country illegally and gets free grants/loans and don't have to pay taxes."

Im against gangs/street gangs and im against anyone who promotes them. I hate gays/fags and im also against pornography, its degrading towards women. And I hate any and all Jews and Zionist's.

"Im fresher everyday, high as fuck, smoking everyday. Blasting Noobs online, T-Baggin em all. Got the baddest girl around, got 2 cribs, and makin that cash. Fuck you all, yes im racist and got different god, Heathan mutha fucka, high as shit, lost on cloud nyne, now its time to ignore everyone, you all Whores with loose pussys,"


  1. Seems like a good guy.WHITE POWER!!!!!

  2. How The Fuck Is It Possible To Be A Racist Asshole And Juggalo ICP Hates Bigots

  3. First and foremost this little punk is not an Odinist,nor an NSM. Plus Nazi is the shortened version of National Socialist. As far as being a Juggalo he looks like he's been fucked in the ass a few times.

  4. First off he's not a Nazi, he hates racism. Second he's a Omniest who finds truth in all religions. Third he's way to damn straight, he has no gay bone in his body. At ALL. And for being a Juggalo he gave that shit up because it's for immature kids and those who don't wanna grow up. He's also a father of 2 beautiful kids. He has changed his entire life once he realized that Nazism is stupid and retarted. He even went to a rally just to gain info and all that to email the people running this site about the Nazis in the NSM not being real Nazis they just play nazi dress up and argue with people while hiding behind the police. I would really appreciate it if these people would take this down because this is not anything close to who he is now. He supports Israel and CUFI, he also supports anyone in whatever belief they have aslong as it does not threaten our family or our country and the Nazis are just home groan terrorists. He has put his past behind him but yet this post keeps getting brought up to him all the time, he's lost recent friends because of something he ain't anymore. And that's just bogus as hell. He's always having to explain himself to people who don't even fucking know him. He's a good guy and a good father, hes not a racist asshole anymore, he's a better man now who's about to get married. Sincerely, His Fiancé.

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