Friday, August 10, 2012

Misty Cook; Illinois/Wisconsin White Supremacist And Ex-Girlfriend Of Sikh Temple Shooter

Misty Cook
SF and B&H forum username: luluroman
Last Address: 726 Minnesota Ave, Apt 5 South Milwaukee, WI 53172-2142
Age: 31
Associatons past and present: Volksfront, Hammerkins

The Arrest. Taken from the Huffington Post:

    Police searching a former apartment of the shooter who killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, found a gun and arrested his ex-girlfriend on Tuesday. 
 Misty Cook lived with Wade Michael Page in Milwaukee until June when the couple split. A team from the FBI and South Milwaukee Police Department looking for evidence related to Sunday's shooting spree in Oak Creek locked up Cook for illegal possession of a firearm, ABC News said. 
 The 31-year-old nursing student and waitress is barred from owning guns, because of a felony conviction from 2005 for fleeing and eluding a traffic officer, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. 
 The seized gun was not related to the temple shooting , according to TV-station Fox 6. 
 Authorities have said they believe Page, a musician in a skinhead hardcore band, acted alone. The 40-year-old former member of the Army was shot to death by police outside the temple. 
 Researchers say Cook was part of the white supremacist movement in which her ex-boyfriend was an active member. 
 The Anti-Defamation League, which monitors extremist groups, released a photograph of Cook wearing a t-shirt of white power group Volksfront and holding a beer bottle. 
 In 2007 and 2008, Cook was actively involved in Volksfront, the Los Angeles Times reported. She was linked to another neo-Nazi group, Hammerskin, with which Page also had ties. 
  Cook, her son, and Page moved into the South Milwaukee apartment in November, according to the Journal-Sentinel. Neighbors told the newspaper that the couple kept to themselves and sometimes blared loud music. 

Some interesting quotes from Misty Cook via Hammerskin board:

     "Obama Christmas ornaments are going on sale Friday. It's finally gonna be legal to hang a nigger from a tree  :D'"
 "I think it's awesome to get into fighting, and to get involved in the community in any way. I would probably take an approach more conducive to infiltration (by not wearing crew 38 stuff in the gym, maybe hanging out later with some of the guys). Everybody out there is trying to have their say, they're just dying to give away their position. I think we should be a little more guarded"

    "Back to my original point, though, getting out in the community, possibly volunteering at a veteran's association or something to that effect. We are either our own best friends or our own worst enemies. When you actually get out there, you're expanding your resource base automatically by giving people the best impression of you possible. If and when you decide to present yourself in a racial manner, try to be light and friendly (joking about Obama, trying to understand illegals or something to that effect). It may sound silly, but think about it, people are intimidated by an angry person. We must be seen smiling as often as possible, and let our enemies be seen as the angry ones. It builds a positive association with us" 
 "I was actually just thinking the other day how I'd like a nice pair of jump boots (those are the ones w/ the zipper on the side)... I wear my doc's (oxfords) or chucks generally.... My issue with military boots is that they're always made in some 3rd world shithole... Anyone know of any American/ European combat boot manufacturers?' 
    "Whoa, whoa, first of all, I've been involved in the scene out here for seven years. I was a member of VF for almost 4 of those years. If you think, during your time hanging out with them, that you got to know them better than I do, I don't know what to tell you. Everyone knows me, I am not the new one here, and YES, I will ask you what happened with VF because if you are still hanging out with them, we have nothing further to discuss. I am merely looking out for myself...if that's okay with you?

    The reason "groups" have beef with each other is because of ego problems, plain and simple. Let me break it down to you like this, Jason; the purpose of a crew is not to be some political arm or "activists" like some claim to be, and anyone that believes that is fooling themselves. Rather, the purpose is to establish a social network so you can hang out w/ like-minded people, make sure your kids have other white kids to hang out with, take care of each other. That doesn't mean that there aren't activists in a given group, but that doesn't make EVERYONE in the group an activist. I hope you can see the relevance of my point. When one group tries to take a holier-than-thou, we're-super-activist attitude (when they're only imitating other groups' methods anyway) and tries to implement internet aggression against other groups the way VF has, then cries about it when people push back, the way VF has, yeah, people lose a little respect for them. I know them more than you ever will, and take it from me, they WANT to be the biggest, baddest gang, but they're not."

    "No, Jason, nobody is going to "get over" anything. Unlike you, some of us have a lot of history involved in this. In a perfect world, pro- white people would all get along, sure, but it's just not that simple. I'm not asking you to take a side, and nobody is going to hold you personally responsible for VF's actions or anything like that, but there are real reasons behind the divide, so please do try to be respectful of that and not trivialize the issue with "Why can't we all get along?" It's not gonna happen, so why beat a dead horse? Sorry', 'No, I left VF back in January along w/ most of the central region. They started prospecting anybody & everybody after that. They lost over 1/3 of their membership between 08-09, maybe closer to 1/2... and good solid people too. (Well some of em, Johnny from St Louis was giving info to the feds. Info of what, I dunno. He was a dumbass. Probably got into trouble over something stupid and was looking to scapegoat somebody else to save his own hiney. That's how this type of thing usually goes. If you end up knowing a couple solid people in the movement, you're doing good. Hell, even 80% of the guys in Federal Prisons turned over on somebody.

    LOL, listen to me. It's not all felonies and prison time, haha... In fact, if you're doing the right thing and don't hang around dumbasses that get you in trouble (and will just roll over on you anyway), you don't have anything to worry about. Most of the HSN guys I know (most of the people I hang out with at all) are married w/ families, just trying to get by. Me, I don't even drink any more. I'm looking to get into some volunteer work within the community, maybe the VA out here. I'd like to help veterans, you know? ANyway, I got a 5 page paper due on the Vikings in the morning and I haven't evenstarted on it yet. I'll talk to ya later, Jason. Take it easy.')"


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