Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nazi Tattoo Artists Fred And Will Leinberger

Update 09/05/12: Will is no longer working at World Class and now owns/works at Excalibur Tattoo & Body Piercing at 2913 S. Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL. Call them at (708) 637-4146 and let them know how you feel.
Fred C and Will G Leinberger are twin brothers who have been involved in the Chicago neo-nazi scene for years and used to hang out with polish nazi skins on the northwest side. They were both part of the SS Action Group, a national neo-nazi organization affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.

In May, 1988, at age 24, a Criminal Court jury convicted Will Leinberger of intimidation for threatening to kill a witness moments before Leinberger made an appearance in Misdemeanor Court for drawing racial epithets in a Chicago Transit Authority bus the previous month. He was sentenced to 5 years.

Later, a list of the jurors and their hometowns was found in his cell in Cook County Jail, along with Nazi literature.

In 1990 Will was sentenced to three years for vandalizing Hobfoll Kosher Meat Market and Kaufman`s Bagel Bakery. He broke windows in the two stores and painted a swastika on one. The vandalism occurred on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the November night in 1938 when Nazis broke windows of thousands of Jewish businesses and burned down synagogues in Germany. After his sentencing he seig heiled the court.

Will was once facing misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation for allegedly pulling a knife and making racially motivated threats against two patrons at the Medusa club in October of 87. It is unclear what the results of this case were.

Fred and Wills nazi days didn't end in the 90's. The Leinbergers attended the 2009 Hitler birthday celebration organized by Art Jones,  the 2010 Hitler Birthday celebration organized by Patrick Leyland, and may or may not have attended the failed 2011 Hitler celebration organized once again by Art Jones.

Will used to own World Class Body Customizing at 3263 Harlem Ave in Berwyn, IL but was fired in June. He now works at Excalibur Tattoo & Body Piercing at 2913 S. Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL  and Fred works at Jade Dragon Tattoos at 5331 W Bellmont Ave. (confirmed 4/20/12)

Fred updated
Fred's work schedule:
Tues until 7pm
Fri until 7pm
Sat until 2am
Sun 1pm until 7 or 8pm

Address for Fred Leinberger:
 7244 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60634-3503
(773) 889-7725
Possible address for Will leinberger :
2913 Harlem Ave apt 2
Berwyn, IL 


  1. Antifa has to be the most facsist organization since the nsdap.

  2. Antifa has to be the most facsist organization since the nsdap.