Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Who is Jesse Deutsch?

Jesse Abraham Deutsch (possible address: 2130 W 21st St Chicago, IL 60608) is a "national anarchist" AKA fascist scumbag. Jesse has large life rune tattoos on both of his forearms, "still ill" on his collarbone, a deaths head skull on his inner right arm and variations of ss bolts on  his neck and elsewhere. . Aside from his tattoos he wears red laced boots, death in June shirts and has a Hitler-esque haircut. In our eyes, this combination of signs screams white supremacist, but taking a look closer, as any serious antifascist should, only confirms it.

Jesse has claimed to be influenced by Francis Parker Yockey who was involved with many far right causes around the world and remains one of the "seminal influences in many extremist right political and race / nationalist movements. He promoted; harsh criticism of Jews, German National Socialism and other Fascist causes." Jesse is also influenced by what is called “neo-Volkish movements”. “These loose networks revive or imitate the völkisch movement of 19th and early 20th century Germany in their defensive affirmation of white identity against modernity, immigration, multiracialism, and multiculturalism. Some identify as neo-fascist, neo-Nazi, or Third Positionist; others are politicised around some form of white ethnic nationalism or identity politics, and may show anarchist tendencies."

Jesse is Orcadian and German and originally lived in st.Louis. He then moved to long beach California sometime after 2008. He has attended Saint Louis Community College-Forest Park and University Of Missouri-St Louis Majoring in nursing and Philosophy and minoring in German. He does not define as a Nazi and actually calls himself a national anarchist and Odian. But it goes without question that Jesse is a fascsist and therefore should not be welcome in our city. According to word on the street, this message has already been delivered in a less than nice way.

Taken from Jesses blog:

I am a National-Anarchist and Odian. I am of Orcadian/German decent, with a little English in there for good measure! I have been actively pursuing a Study of Runic History, Lore, and Operant Magic for around 13 years. I also have an interest in the Hermetic Tradition, and the Aryo-Vedic one as well. As a National-Anarchist, I feel that it is fundamental for me to help "spread the word", so to speak, to other's interested in the Indo-European Traditions. National-Anarchism, as a current, is very compatible with our ancient Indo-European Tribal systems

Jesse Asa Deutsch
Asa Boyd
Asa Boyd TorssÛn
Asa Germania

Here are pictures of Jesse including ones from his curb stomping in 2007:


  1. You infantile shits are worse than the "Nazis" you target! Grow up! And it wouldn't hurt if you actually looked into a bit of Buddhist philosophy to help you get over your anger issues. That is, if you can handle the fact that the Swastika is the key to the Buddha's heart, and that you might have to accept the concept of a Higher Being than yourselves.


  3. Jesse, if you come back to this ridiculous post about you, please contact me! I'm in LA now and would like to hang out and know you're still alive! I have an email called sleepingonpavement@gmail.com, if you want to get in touch.

  4. I'm not white, but damn, let the guy express himself and his heritage, he has a couple of ancient rune tattoos. so what. they've been around for a long time. has nothing to do with nazis.

  5. oh no! neofolk tshirts! what a racist! do you feel like a big man for making assumptions and calling people racist - putting their safety at risk - while doxing them as well? (posting this guy's address)

    You're about to be doxed too, if you haven't already. Enjoy it!

  6. You're still an idiot for trying to "expose" this guy. Hope you've chilled out since this.

  7. You people here defending him and his tattoos need to research the deathshead symbol and the SS tattoo as well. You people are scum for defending this pos Nazi.