Friday, December 23, 2011

Angola Teen Arrested For Detonating Pipe Bomb

Timothy Chriswell(left)
It seems that the nazis just can't stop getting caught for commiting ridiculous crimes. Patrick Langballe trying to rob lottery tickets, Brian Moudry chasing a kid with a BB gun and then trying to flush the parts down the toilet and Mariusz Wdziekonski spray painting graves in a Jewish cemetery, and that's only in Illinois! Now, In Angola, IN, Timothy Alan Chriswell-Rottger, a 19 year old white supremacist, was arrested for throwing a pipe bomb in a neighborhood on the west side of town after stupidly bragging about it on his facebook wall. We keep getting smarter, they just keep getting dumber.

Timothy Alan Chriswell-Rottger 
425 S Shoup St, Lot 136 Angola, IN 46703-7190

Taken from

ANGOLA, Ind. (WANE) - According to our partner in news, The Herald Republican in Angola, an Angola teenager is in custody in the Steuben County Jail on a Class A felony charge of detonating a destructive device with the intent to cause injury or to intimidate.Timothy Alan Chriswell-Rottger, 19, was arrested for allegedly detonating a pipe bomb in a neighborhood on Angola’s west side.Police said Chriswell-Rottger detonated the device to intimidate or injure rivals on September 20.A witness saw a vehicle from which the bomb was thrown into the front yard of a residence. Police were able to track down the vehicle and were able to get other information about Chriswell-Rottger through his Facebook page.After a two-week investigation, Chriswell-Rottger was interviewed by police and police said he admitted to the incident that caused damage to four mobile homes and a car.The bomb was made using information found on the Internet, Crooks said.In a posting Sunday on his “wall” on his Facebook page, Chriswell-Rottger wrote, “BIG BOOM!!! Gotta love Pyrodex!!!”Pyrodex is a brand of black powder, which is used in muzzle-loaded guns.Chriswell-Rotter’s Facebook page is heavily populated with sayings that are anti-African American. There are also discussions with his friends that are anti-Hispanic.Crooks said more information about the case would be available as paperwork makes its way through the court system.Angola police have been assisted in their investigation by Indiana State Police, Steuben County Sheriff’s Department, the local SWAT team and the federal bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


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