Thursday, April 7, 2011

Updated "Wanted: Illinois-area Nazis" Poster

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It's been relatively quiet for Chicago-area nazis since their failure at the attempted 2010 "White Pride World Wide" march just over a year ago. Considering how badly they were defeated, it's not surprising they didn't bother organizing another public action in 2011. We have still been keeping tabs on the major white supremacist groups and individuals in the area, particularly James Logsdon's Creativity Movement out of Bloomington IL, John Alexander's new "Blood & Honour / C18" chapter, Suzie Mike and Matt from the Chicago NSM and the stragglers from the now-disbanded Illinois National Socialist Front. After a series of failures, they've crawled back under whatever rock they came from, having been reduced to a handful of sparsely-attended private barbecue events, where the main event is a drunken sob-session about the mean folks of Chicago ARA.Every once in a while, some new boneheads appear on the scene mistakenly thinking that this might be a city receptive to some white supremacist hatred. We at Southside ARA are quick on the draw to identify and confront racist imbeciles who don't know anything about how Chicago handles nazi scum. In that spirit, here's an updated "Wanted: Illinois-Area Nazis" poster.
  • Brian Lloyd Christian, from Rogers park. A professional pianist, teacher, and white supremacist who is actively recruiting on Nazi forum Since 2005, he's been posting as "WhiteMuser" looking to form a "European Americans United" chapter. More on Brian here.
  • William Nelson, from Villa Park. A white supremacist with Nazi tattoos who was recently paroled from Stateville, having done several years for hate crime charges after savagely beating a black man while shouting racial slurs.
  • Eric Scott, from Chicago. Affiliated with the Chicago Mafia Skins(CMS) and the Bully Boys, Eric runs the zine "Brew & Honor," and maintains a NewSaxon profile.
  • Mark "MadMark88" Davis, from Springfield, IL . He has attended Illinois United gatherings and numerous Nordicfest and Hammerskins gatherings over the years.
  • Arthur Butz, a Northwestern University engineering department professor. Butz has authored numerous racist books preaching holocaust denial.
  • James Manow, from Matteson Illinois, and Tim Nelson, from Chicago, who are affiliated with the Blood & Honour chapter.
  • Jon Isaac, who attends punk shows in Chicago and posts racist trash on this facebook account.
  • Brandon Huddleston, a white nationalist from Lake in the Hills, IL.


  1. Oh and Fuck Eric Scott!!

  2. The IL State Police and Naperville Police ran Schloer out of town. He lives in a trailer in Kentucky with other white trash. Schloer's ex -owner of Schloer's former residence - had him legally barred from being anywhere near his former address with an order of protection. He was removed with the help of 5 squad cars and a hostage negotiator. Schloer's ex was kept at a safe location for about 3 weeks while the legal paperwork was sorted out. Schloer faces serious domestic violence charges if he ever appears in Naperville again. He'd better hope the police get him before her Jewish boyfriend does. Your posting of her name and address continues to put her in danger as she is still getting death threats.

  3. MadMArk88 Mark Davis has been In Fond du Lac Wis on more than One occasion. He and Harriet paleeti, nazi midget, are actively recruiting here. There is a Bar in North Fond du Lac wi that offers then safe haven. It is Jens Bar. Harriet and other Nazi scum will be there this uo coming weekend. I will offer safe place to any ARA that wants to come here and help me rid them from my town.

  4. Another scum is about to be busted. Be careful who you piss off bitch,especially when you are on parole.

  5. Mad Mark can get some mad love by his enemies when he gets semt back to prison. He is in Springfield Illinois. He drives a chevy impalla reddish burgandy. We are watching him. This will be a big bust.

  6. Mark Allen Davis III
    (217) 761- 7509.
    Drives burgandy chevy impalla.
    Current residence N. 10th st springfield, ILL.
    Piece of shit needs to take it up the ass by bubba and go back to prison recruiting some more mindless individuals. He is the scum of the earth. Very active facebook brodcasting his hate.

  7. Thought he moved to Grandview, IL ???