Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advancing the Understanding of the Ones We Destroy

In the Left there is a real a problem, amongst many, of reducing Fascism to be merely synonymous with bureaucratic or even just plain "bad", tossing the word around so loosely when describing "measures that represent the ordinary functioning of government". This only serves to delude the discussion. Fascism is a grass roots and self proclaimed anti-capitalist movement or "political behavior" based on racial/religious superiority that abandons liberty and pursues with violence a quest for internal purity and  expansion. It has many tendencies and forms. Antifascists must not only understand, but be able to explain why the work we do is necessary .  If antifascist want to develop strong militant cadre we must advance our understanding of that which we are fighting. Here are a few reads that may be helpful in capturing a definition or analyses that better suit us for internal debate.
This is a partial issue taken from the "collections" out of the sojourner truths digital archive. It was printed in 1976 and is compiled with analyses and debate about fascism in the U.S.
A few books dedicated to the subject
Here is a debate stemming from Confronting Fascism: Discussion documents for a militant movement between Bring the Ruckus and Three way fight. One can potentially follow the debate without having read the book itself.


  1. Conservatives Against BigotryDecember 23, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    There are real fascists who can actually come to power and then there are people in the White Nationalist movements. The latter tend to have emotional problems due to childhood abuse and neglect. Many are quite intelligent but lack the self-esteem to use their skills in a way that will help them become productive members of society. In fact, they feel like they have been rejected from society and because they don't understand why, they choose something they simply can't change - ie race - as a reason that the "world" is out to get them and those like them. Very few have careers where they can support themselves, let alone the 5+ children they want to have. There is a lot of paranoia in the WN movement.

    The dangers of modern day White Nationalists mostly involve petty crimes a la American History X. But, it is criminal how they treat their wives and daughters. They believe it is acceptable to rape a woman with "perfect" genetics until she has a child, and it involves kidnapping and deception. Most WN women have been victims of sexual abuse. Actually, many women ensnared in the WN movement do not have WN beliefs. Rather, they are afraid of the fact that offending one WN male will make them a target. Many are told by their WN boyfriends that he is leaving the movement and pretends to go through the motions like he really is leaving. Some, like Amber in Maine who shot her husband in the head, were unaware of their husbands' beliefs until they were trapped in a marriage.

    There is tremendous double standard concerning women. They are told that their beauty must not perish from the face of the Earth but then they hear about a certain Iowa Christian Identity "pastor" kicking in his wife's face on multiple occasions. Where do you hide from that? How do you escape? Domestic violence is a reality for WN women and very few escape.

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