Friday, July 30, 2010

"Secrets" Has a Dirty Secret: They Employ Known Nazi Susan M. Lenner

We have discovered that an active Neo-Nazi works at the store "Secrets", a head shop in the Boystown neighborhood of Chicago that is supposed to be safe and friendly for LGBTQ folks. Despite the fact they have been informed that the employee Susan M. Lenner is a known member of the National Socialist Movement(and even attended the 2007 NSM homophobic protest of Milwaukee Pridefest), they stand by their employee while making all sorts of excuses and rationalizations (including "she's not a nazi", "the pictures were photoshopped", "her ex husband set her up", "shes having a baby, give her a break").

Because they continue to lie and cover up Suzie's history, we are calling for a boycott of Secrets, and ask that people contact their owners - by phone and in person - to voice disapproval of their support for known Neo-Nazis. (Secrets is at 3229 North Clark, Chicago, (773) 755 0179). Download the flyer for Suzie / Secrets.
Susan M. Lenner
3144 Boyle Terrace, Apt 4B River Grove, IL 60171-1185
(alias "Suzie Pincushion" or "Vicky")

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  1. Schitskyn TannerJuly 31, 2010 at 9:14 PM

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