Sunday, March 21, 2010

"White Pride" March Annihilated by Chicago ARA


It was a beautiful Sunday Spring afternoon where the Illinois National Socialist Front were supposed to march for "White Pride World Wide". But for the few Nazis that dared show their face in the city of Chicago, there was nothing but a barrage of blows raining on their parade.

Southside ARA had been scouting in the downtown area early on, watching out for neo-Nazi skinheads and other white supremacists. Within minutes of their pathetic march of four boneheads waving white pride flags, clandestine anti-fascists took formation and confronted them, successfully delivering U-lock justice to the unsuspecting Nazi trash with trained precision. In broad daylight on Michigan Avenue, Nazis helplessly had flags ripped from their hands and were beaten down as pedestrians watched in awe. Later, a police car pulled up and arrested the bewildered and injured boneheads while the anti-fascists swiftly disappeared into thin air. Showing up seconds later, the pro-diversity / anti-hate rally laid the final icing on the cake by  surrounding the humiliated and obviously defeated boneheads and taunted them with chants, holding a rally directly in the path of their march.

With only a handful of white supremacists willing to publicly show their faces, it was evident that local neo-Nazis were not willing to get behind the NSF. In fact, the NSF didn't even show up to their own march; intelligence gathering showed that they had dropped out of participation just before the march and had handed it over to other local neo-Nazis, unwilling to complete what they had started.


Several months ago Chicagoland anti-fascists launched a campaign against the NSF utilizing a diversity of tactics including face to face confrontations, flyering the neighborhoods and schools of individual members, posting their home addresses and phone numbers, initiating phone campaigns focusing on key Nazi organizers, and multiple cases of successful infiltration of their ranks.

These tactics have achieved successes in that the NSF has become ineffective: six months ago they were openly organizing barbeques, protesting "black on white hate crimes", and the opening of a Holocaust Museum in Skokie, etc. Their most recent attempt to march in Chicago was a complete failure, their recruitment gatherings have dwindled, their website went down for a month at a crucial time for promoting the White Pride March, and they have not responded to phone calls or emails from people asking about public information concerning their events.


While it is easy for us to see a neo-Nazi march as an intrusion of racism into our community, we must also address the way that racism affects our city on a daily basis.  Two weeks ago, a homeowner in Mt. Greenwood posted a sign in his front yard stating "No to the Ghetto ... White Power", and if you read recent newspaper headlines you can see the aftermath of Jon Burge and the inherent racism of the Chicago Police Department. Confronting neo-Nazis and other white nationalists is only the beginning of eliminating racism, and we intend to align with other organizations to further combat forms of racism that exist in extremist groups as well as in sectors of society that are less blatant yet no less important.


We effectively came together as a city to successfully kick the Nazis out of town. Fierce resistance was delivered and everyone got away without arrest or injury. To the defeated Nazi scum reading this, give it up! ARA is everywhere.

South Side Chicago Anti-Racist Action


  1. well done!

    solidarity from new jersey,

    tom k
    hub city ara

  2. lol really Cause I read something different on there web site;

    "Today’s White Pride March was a huge success for our Movement."

    "Our four brave Brothers from four different White Racialist Movements, who volunteered to misdirect and face off with the neo-commie scum are to be lauded as Heroes. Matt, Tim, Pat, and John bravely marched into the city to distract our race-traitor enemies from our real destination in the suburbs."

    "Our true March in the suburbs of Chicago was a success beyond all that we had hoped for. Over two dozen of our Brothers and Sisters fanned out in groups of four to several suburbs. We distributed several hundred music samplers, newspapers, flyers, and informational leaflets. We met many wonderful White people who showed a great interest in our Movement, and in many cases agreed completely with our goals. We met no resistance"

  3. Excellent!
    Inspiring stuff, keep it up!
    -much love from NYC!

  4. Nazis should not be allowed to march any where. Racism is a ugly act of hate which needs to be expose more in this country. Former Chicago Police Detective Jon Burge beat and tortured black and latino's. He call them racist names before torturing suspects to confess to crimes. Much as 200 victims of his torture. Many serve much as twenty years in prison before some judge's and prosecutors admitted there were indeed victims of torture. Jon Burge Federal criminal trial starts May 6, 2010, Federal Court Building, 219 South Dearborn Street, Chicago. Lets put a end to racism. Come out on May 6, 2010, and Join with the CEDP that day as we demand that justice finally comes to Jon Burge for his acts of torture and racism. Contact Mark at 773-600-3053.

  5. Kudos from Greece! Smash racists wherever and whenever they rear their ugly heads. We have nothing to discuss with these trash. Like weeds in a garden, they must be rooted out.

  6. I have a question...I myself am against racism but I am against it in ALL its forms. Why do you guys never protest "Black Power" gatherings or "La Raza"? Are you anti-racist or anti-WHITE?

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  9. You guys are full of it. There are race-based gangs all over Chicago, prisons are filled with racists. You guys just hate Whites, it's obvious. The new racist head of AIPAC is from Chicago, are you going to protest that? I doubt it. Your racist true colors show through.

  10. Goodnight white pride!

    Solidarity from Greece!

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  17. Just curious, why is it that you guys are against white people being proud? Would you try to stop a black or gay pride parade/gathering? Don't try telling me that when white people are proud, it is just hatred for others. That's crap.

    I can't be proud of my ancestors and their accomplishments? I can't embrace my European heritage and culture?

    So whats the deal? Are you anti-fascists or just anti-white?

  18. Yeah i am glad you all stepped up to the plate and Pwnd them noobs they need to learn "Chicago" dont play that stuff and they need to find some other redneck city to invade.

  19. Statistics from the US Department of Justice and the US Census Bureau 2006:

    Blacks are 31.07 times more likely to commit a violent crime against Whites than vice versa.

    Blacks are 119.64 times more likely to commit a robbery against Whites than vice versa.

    I'm on the south side of Chicago and I've never seen you pussies anywhere. All my racially aware friends and I have never been hassled for our beliefs. The day someone says to our faces that we cannot be proud of our race, we're going to have some serious problems. I will always protect my people. You guys (or lesbians) are the most backwards, self-righteous dumb asses I have ever seen. I love when white kids are so full of "guilt" and confusion (placed there by their liberal mommy and daddy) that they make it their life's mission to stop racism! HAH!

    Keep up the amusement. Bravo.


    Did you guys have anyone covering the burbs?

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  22. These nazis are idiots!

    But, what gives you the right to be violent? Aren't you doing exactly what you accuse them of?? We have freedom of assembly in America, even for anti-American freaks like nazis and communists!