Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Exposing Indiana Neo Nazis Trevor D Thompson and Troy "Bird" Cooper

Trevor Thompson is a 33 year old neo nazi living in Indiana. He was once an active member of the  World Church of the Creator and the Nazi Low Riders.

On May 24th, 2002 in an Indiana courtroom in Marion county, Trevor David Thompson, then 21, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the racially motivated attempted murder of a 14-year old black girl who Thompson shot as she walked with friends outside a convenience store.

Trevor served about 11 years of actual time at the Wabash Valley Level 3 Facility, and was released on November 8th of 2013.

Upon his release Trevor was probating for the Vinlanders Social Club (VSC). Since then, Trevor and the VSC  had a falling out and he is currently a member of the Hammerskins "Crew 38". When Trevor left the Vinlanders, he apparently convinced several of their old members to go with him. Trevor and "Creeps Social Club" (originally a VSC sister crew) leader, Kimberly McGeary (805 E Market St. Crawfordsville, IN  47933), have vowed to "take the Vinlanders down". The Vinlanders are down to less than 20 members and are actively attempting to rebuild their ranks. They have been spotted drinking in bars in Anderson, Indy, and Lafayette.
Trevor is currenly employed at Gold Dragon Ink located in Camby, Indiana at 7116 S. Kentucky Ave (877) 717-3332. He can be found on FB under "tattoos by Trey Hooligan". The owner of Gold Dragon Ink is a 33 year old Indianapolis based white supremacist named Troy "Bird" Cooper. Like Trevor, he was also charged with a crime involving a child. On June 28th 2000, Troy was charged with neglect of a dependent and was released July 18th, 2011.

These two scumbags, aside from being white supremacists, are also child abusers, and in Trevors case, a child murderer. Given the fact that they are still continuing their involvement in the neo nazi movement, we do not believe they should be able to make money off the public without a fight. At the very least, without people knowing about it.

Trevor David Thompson /// "Trey Hooligan"
(317) 821-0234
DOB: 09/07/1980
possible address:
611 N Capitol
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Troy E Cooper /// Troy "Bird" Cooper
last known address:
2011 Rosewood Dr
Anderson, IN 46011-3922
DOB: 11/03/1980


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